Human capital is the single most important asset any business has. Building strength in our people, around their capability, capacity, and ability to work as a high performing team are fundamental to a performance revolution.

For 20 years we’ve had ringside seats, studying the impact of top performers and their teams. We’ve been fascinated by what elevates the best from the rest. There is no silver bullet. Championship teams don’t happen overnight. They’re built from the ground up. Training and motivational speeches are the tip of an iceberg. What lies underneath and differentiates championship teams is a deep sense of meaning, harmony and momentum.

Our integrated coaching methodology provides leaders with the principles, practices, rituals & codes of action that underpin the performance culture of championship teams.  We help leaders apply these attributes to unlock the potential of their teams, their business, and themselves.

Our offering

Executive coaching

This is the foundation of our coaching services.  We are partners of, and partner with, Handel Group, whose proprietary Executive Coaching method is an innovative and proven system which has changed the lives of thousands of private and corporate clients. It has been taught in over 50 educational programs and institutes of learning including MIT and Stanford Graduate School of Business, and used in businesses such as Seqouia Capital, Live Nation, Vogue and Tiffany.
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Team coaching

Our fascination with understanding the machinations of championship teams has seen us work with elite performers - from orchestras, to emergency departments, elite athletes, entrepreneurs and special forces.

Without exception these teams operate with a unique harmony of attributes:  ambition and humility, strong personal identity and deep common purpose.  They meticulously design systems, structures, rituals and behaviours to perform at their best.

Working in partnership with one of the worlds most successful sports franchises, we have designed and run an immersive multi-day program to help organizations unlock the performance potential of their teams.  We will show you the anatomy of high performance and how you can replicate and foster it within your business.
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Clinics & workshops

We offer a range of immersive in-house and live virtual bootcamp sessions to hone the fundamentals and unlock the performance potential of your teams and team leaders.

  • Building Honest Cultures by Handel Group
  • Enhancing Success, by Handel Group
  • Belonging
  • Identity
  • Humility and Curiosity
  • Resilience
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