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Propel Performance Group is a new breed of consultancy, with a mission to elevate leadership intelligence around the world.

We’re brought in to help business leaders accelerate performance across their organization.
There is never a wrong time, but high-stakes moments of transition, change and crisis create an even greater urgency to stop change ways of working. Drawing from principles and lessons learned studying and operating with champion teams across a range of disciplines (entrepreneurs, elite athletes, military, executives, emergency departments and orchestras), we help organizations become clear, connected and aligned.

We galvanize leaders and teams with a common purpose, deep sense of belonging and shared vision. Most importantly, we ensure teams are capable and committed to realizing that vision.

Our approach

Unlocking the potential of an organization by unlocking the potential of its people.

For 20 years we’ve had ringside seats, studying the impact of top performers and their teams. We’ve been fascinated by what elevates the best from the rest. There is no silver bullet. Championship teams don’t happen overnight. They’re built from the ground up. Training and motivational speeches are the tip of an iceberg. What lies underneath and differentiates championship teams is a deep sense of meaning, harmony and momentum.

Our integrated coaching methodology provides leaders with the principles, practices, rituals & codes of action that underpin the performance culture of championship teams. We help leaders apply these attributes to unlock the potential of their teams, their business, and themselves.

Our people

Individually our experiences span nearly every field, from seasoned strategists, executives, coaches and entrepreneurs, to SAS soldiers, psychologists, creative visionaries, filmmakers, and technologists. Collectively, we’ve been called upon to help organizations and organizational leaders lift performance during high-stake moments of transition, change, and crisis.

Here are a selection of the some of the people that make up Propel Performance Group.

Our services

Our services have been tailor-made to help teams and business leaders not only endure, but thrive in conditions of uncertainty, disruption and change.

Our clients

We enjoy a privileged position working with an exclusive list of the world’s most successful & innovative companies, leaders and teams across diverse industries and continents.

"I’ve done many team-building ‘courses through the years but this was the best by miles. It was raw, authentic, insightful, practical, and most of all game changing."
"The journey has been phenomenal – it’s hard to put in a succinct way just how much of an impact it had on me and my colleagues."
"We are in a completely different place now as an Exec and a business thanks to the work we have done with PPG.  Its been game changing."
"You gave us the permission to be real, permission to celebrate and the ability to design the future together."
"The session was life-changing. I went into the day feeling optimistic about our future, but left feeling like we will write it."
"The most high impact learning experience I have ever had. "
"Truly mind-blowing.  Unlike anything I or we have ever done before."