Accelerated Performance

Unlock the potential in your organization by unlocking the potential in your people.

Propel Performance Group is a new breed of consultancy, seamlessly uniting strategy, coaching and creativity to forge resilient, adaptable and thriving businesses. We equip, prepare and elevate individuals and teams to create best in breed thinking and performance, ready for an era of unprecedented change & ambiguity.  

Drawing from principles and lessons learned studying and operating with champion teams across a range of disciplines (entrepreneurs, elite athletes, military, executives, emergency departments and orchestras) we help organizations become clear, connected and aligned. We galvanize leaders and teams, with a common purpose, deep sense of belonging and shared vision. Most importantly, we ensure they are of capable and committed to realizing that vision.  

Our approach

Propel harnesses the power of coaching, management consulting and creativity to help organizations bend the curve and deliver breakthrough results.  

Accelerated performance is possible when all key elements of a business are optimized together, in harmony. Aligning and integrating your key growth drivers; strategy, people and your ability to attract and keep customers, is vital. Until now many organizations approached each of these three areas in isolation, with different internal stakeholders, and different external experts brought in. The result is a lack of alignment and integration. By recognizing the significant overlaps between the three key areas - we are able to build much more focused and powerful organizations.

We’re brought in to help business leaders accelerate performance across their organizations. There is never a wrong time, but high stakes moments of transition, change, and crisis create an even greater urgency to step change ways of working.

In times of perpetual change or uncertainty, our central equilibrium can get knocked.  Elite performers find their sense of balance quicker and bounce back faster and more effectively.

They do so because they have a set cadence they work to - a code of actions that’s been tried and tested during periods of sustained and systemic stress.

Drawing from principles and lessons learned from high-performing, elite teams such as the SAS and the New Zealand All Blacks, we’ll take you through what it means to perform under pressure, contend with the unexpected, and thrive on the spinning edge of possibilities.  

Our people

Individually our experiences span nearly every field, from seasoned strategists, executives, coaches and entrepreneurs, to SAS soldiers, psychologists, creative visionaries, film makers, and technologists. Collectively, we’ve been called upon to help organizations and organizational leaders lift performance during high stake moments of transition, change, and crisis.

Here are a selection of the some of the people that make up Propel Performance Group.

Our clients

We enjoy a privileged position working with an exclusive list of the world’s most successful & innovative companies, leaders and teams across diverse industries and continents.