High performance teams workshops

High performance teams workshops

PPG’s High Performing Teams workshops begin with a simple question: ‘What’s the difference between a team of champions, and a Championship team?’. Which is followed by: ‘Out of a possible 10/10, how close is this team to playing to your true potential?’

The answers to these two simple questions create a profound platform for self-reflection, vulnerability, shared meaning, shared accountability and new found focus for teams to achieve extraordinary results.

In short, the sessions are purpose built to rapidly accelerate the performance of teams.  

Our proven methodology (ME, WE, and GO) - developed by studying and partnering some of the world’s highest performing teams - helps leaders and teams prepare and equip themselves to not only endure, but to thrive in conditions of uncertainty, disruption and change.

PPG’s High Performing Teams workshops are designed to seamlessly run according to the varying needs of our clients:

  • In the room (where practical)
  • Via Zoom / Teams / Hangouts
  • Full-day or multiple part-days
  • Groups ranging from 6 – 200 pax

The sessions include team discovery interviews prior and signature performance artifices / leave behinds post the session.

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