Anita Sands

Anita Sands is a U.S. based board-director, author, and speaker. A former Fulbright Scholar, she holds a Masters in Public Policy and Management as well as a Ph.D. in Atomic and Molecular Physics.

Anita spent a decade in leadership positions in financial services in Canada and the U.S. specializing in innovation and enterprise transformation. She then pivoted into the tech industry where she serves on the boards of two public companies— ServiceNow and Pure Storage—and private companies ThoughtWorks and AppBus.

Described as a ‘force of nature’ with unique perspectives, Anita is also a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion and has been honored on many occasions for her contribution to business and social challenges.

As a speaker, Anita is renowned internationally for engaging audiences with her thoughtful, witty and practical insights on the implications of three major trends:
• Technology’s influence on companies and society
• Gender equality and the power of Belonging
• The Future of Work and leadership in the digital age

Hailing originally from Ireland, Anita splits her time between San Francisco, New York, and Dublin.