Dan Savage

Dan has spent his career dedicated to leading, coaching and developing others across a broad range of disciplines and industries. He is passionate about unlocking human potential, pushing individuals and teams to see more in themselves than they previously thought possible.

Dan began his career at the US Military Academy at West Point, subsequently serving as an infantry officer on the front lines of the Iraq War, planning and executing more than 300 combat operations in Baghdad. After departing military service, Dan completed a master’s degree at Harvard University and began building organizations, programs and resources to empower individuals facing major career and life transitions. Spanning academia, non-profits, big tech, venture capital, and startups, Dan’s efforts have supported thousands of individuals and teams pursuing clarity and alignment amidst critical moments of uncertainty.

In addition to his formal education, Dan is a graduate of the US Army’s elite Ranger School, Stanford University’s Ignite Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Presidential Leadership Scholars program, a premier leadership development program led by former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.