Victoria Anderson


Victoria Anderson is an executive life coach, working with individuals to transform their lives, families, and vocations. This results in clients creating more joy, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives. Victoria is committed to guiding clients to expand their capacity and align with their spiritual path.

Her first experience with coaching was in 2012 when she was coached by Lauren Zander, Founder and CEO Handel Group. After six months of coaching she experienced a remarkable difference in her health after years of living with Crohn’s Disease. The method was so compelling, Victoria committed to training with the company. Working with Lauren, she also created a more connected marriage and a better relationship between herself and her family.  Victoria commenced her training with the Handel Group® in 2014, coaching students attending the Leading Your Life class at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Victoria is a Southern California native, and lives in Silicon Valley with her husband and two children. She enjoys hiking, going to the beach, walking, traveling, cooking and attending Pilates and yoga classes regularly. She is a meditator, journal keeper, and writer.