Mike Bush

Mike is a proven leader in organisational change and crisis management. His distinguished career culminating in New Zealand Police Commissioner saw him working with people from all walks of life, helping them achieve more in themselves to make change in their wider organisations and communities. With results that routinely exceeded projections and expectations, he now teaches those same skills to leaders across both the corporate and governmental worlds.

Mike’s 40 year policing career took him some of the most dangerous environments to standing alongside Prime Ministers providing the reassurance that guides a nation through the tumultuous effects of an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a mass-shooting and a global pandemic.  

Throughout his years of service he proved himself to be an innovative trailblazer and people leader, capable of transforming an organisation’s people, culture, operating strategies and systems. As a champion of change he brought the organisation into the future, implementing an overhaul that has fundamentally changed the policing approach to Prevention First. Not only a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy executive school, Mike himself has spoken at Harvard and is referenced by McKinsey. He has worked across South East Asia conducting investigations while also managing relationships between the government and business communities in the region. Mike has been recognised with numerous policing awards and for his contributions to New Zeland with first the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2005 and in 2020 promoted with a Companion of New Zealand Order of Merit.